Multi Residential Housing

We are continually involved in a wide variety of new build multi-residential schemes, ranging from isolated complexes with a very modest number of new houses to major, multi-phase developments offering 2500 or more residences. These schemes can be found in a variety of different locations.

Our projects include luxury properties with high-end finishes, homes for sale on the private market that are affordable, and housing schemes for low-income families. They can be as low as one story or as high as fifty or more, and they frequently include several buildings that are connected to one another by development-wide building services systems.

We have an in-depth understanding of the engineering design, regulatory requirements, and integrated design principles necessary to ensure the success of new residential developments that are being constructed.

Here are some examples
  • Apartments, Glasgow

    This project involved 6 built dwellings situated in Glasgow’seast end, north of the River [...]

  • Apartments, Edinburgh

    A wedge shaped site on plan and butting up against a railway embankment, this project [...]

  • Crown Street Apartments

    Build to Rent Apartment Scheme comprising of 365 x 1250 Sq/ft flatted accommodation, based on [...]

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