Period Property Architecture

ATW Architects is a residential architect and interior designer that specialises in the renovation and refurbishment of luxury residential property in Scotland. Their clients include some of the most selective property owners in the world.

Utilising all of our local architectural, renovation, and interior design expertise, we are able to create homes that are impressive while still maintaining a warm and inviting atmosphere by designing elegant and modern living spaces that are respectful of the buildings in which they are housed.

Refurbishing in Scotland

The process of renovating and upgrading residential property in Scotland requires a very high level of expertise. Many residential properties in Scotland are quite old (some date back to the early 18th century, while there are also a significant number of Georgian and Victorian homes). The majority of these homes were almost always built with timber joists, members, and staircases, all of which have shifted significantly over the course of their history. As a consequence of this, flooring typically have a slope, windows may be parallel to the floor but not the ceiling, and so on.

It is common practise for even the most elegant rooms to have varying floor-to-ceiling heights in each corner, and for curtains to be created with mild gradients along the hems in order to compensate for the particularities of each individual property. Because each home, room, and window is unique, the original single-paned windows—which have a tendency to be draughty and noisy—need to be individually measured before they can be replaced with contemporary triple or double-paned windows. These windows must be manufactured according to the specifications of the individual home.

Surveying a property of this kind is a difficult undertaking, as it calls for the accurate recording of information and measurements and, later in the process, the production of accurate drawings of new proposed layouts with a variety of possibilities that are compatible with the structure of the building. Both of these steps require a great amount of talent.

We coordinate the efforts of specialised structural engineers who are experienced with the kind of properties being renovated, and we advise property owners on what can be done, what cannot be done, and the most effective method to accomplish the outcomes that they have envisioned for their renovations. The only things that may stop you from achieving whatever it is you want to do are the limits of your imagination and the amount of effort and money you are willing to put in to make it happen.

Beautiful interior design

In the end, separating rooms and establishing distinct living areas are not what lends a piece of real estate its distinctive personality, elegance, and tasteful flavour.

These human responses to your house are the result of the use of finishes and small touches that, when combined, make a huge difference. These finishes and touches include things like fine solid-wood flooring, quality marble, a high-specification kitchen and bathroom, and best-in-class appliances and equipment like sound systems and wine fridges.

You can have full faith that we will take care of each and every aspect of the restoration and refurbishing of your house on your behalf, beginning with the very first survey and continuing all the way through to the essential and individual finishing touches that will result in a home that brings you great joy for many years to come.

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